Monday, August 30, 2010

Farewell, EV Source

I started work at EV Source as a web developer several months after I finished my Doctorate in Mathematics.  Since the work was part-time, and since it didn't pay much at first, I took the position as a stop-gap measure; I nonetheless enjoyed working with Ryan as he ran his small business.

Although I started work for another company about a year ago, I have been working for EV Source during that time, gradually reducing my hours at EV Source as my hours at Perfect Search decreased.  This last week, I wrapped up my work at EV Source, and made myself available for questions.  I'm sad to do this, though:  in addition to enjoying my work at this business, it's also my last link to the time I spent in Logan, Utah.

While I also enjoy working for Perfect Search as a research assistant and data-cruncher, I still feel a little out-of-place.  I'll still be trying to figure out the best way to leverage my interest in mathematics, and earn a living at the same time:  I'm thus going to explore computer graphics, finite element analysis, and perhaps analog robotics, using Lisp and and eventually Haskell (two highly mathematical languages).

I'm also interested in working for a very small business, one that will agressively limit its growth.  Hence I'll also try to figure out if I can do this work on my own!

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