Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations, and a Warning

I'd like to congratulate my fellow Republicans on this special victory.  We have the House!  We nearly have the Senate!  And we've made great gains in various State Congresses and Governorships!  This is a fantastic, sweet victory!

But it's only a victory against Democrats--it's not a victory for Republicans.

As a Republican, I put you on notice:  I do not trust you.  I only voted for you because the alternative is worse, and because I wanted to give you one last chance.  If you don't cut taxes until Government hurts, and slash Government programs until I hurt, I will replace you with someone else that will.

Yes, I know that these things will be difficult.  There will be screaming lobbyists, unions, and special interest groups, wanting their pet programs to be left alone.  It is thus your responsibility to make it clear to the American people that if we don't do this, we will collapse as a nation.

And please, above all else, remove the regulations that prevent individuals from creating the welfare societies and businesses that will be crucial for us to help each other in the difficult times ahead.  Indeed, even before Medicare is cut, for example, we need a pathway cleared so that viable private sector organizations will be able to rise up and take up the slack.  Private organizations cannot do this right now, though, because of the over-burdening regulations that have been put in the way.

Good luck!  You're going to need it.

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