Friday, November 19, 2010

A Random Thought

While reading about people fed to bonfires in Killers Without Remorse, a thought occurred to me about the Christian witch hunts of Medieval Europe--which is something that's used as an example of why religion is evil, and needs to be stamped out.  I also can't help but remember how not all Christians at the time agreed with what was happening; I even remember reading the words of a bishop, decrying the lack of logic that went into convicting a witch.

Now, people today, whether or not they believe in God, say to themselves "We are better than that!  We would never burn a witch at the stake!"  But, are we really better?  Or should we learn from this--and similar examples, like Stalin's show trials--and realize that we, too, can get caught up in the emotion of the day, and do horrible things to the innocent?

As for "Killers Without Remorse":  it's a very good reminder that, no matter what Government we create, we cannot trust it with too much power, because whatever levels of power we give it, some power-hungry soul who wants to kill us will get ahold of that power, and use it to the fullest extent possible.

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