Friday, January 14, 2011

Quote of the Day

A few days ago, I sang the Hymn "God Speed the Right" to my children...and stumbled onto one of my most favorite lines:
Like the great and good in story, If we fail we fail in glory.  God speed the right!  God speed the right.
Our world is frought with dangers and challenges.  Too many people don't want us to raise up and face those dangers and challenges.  Gun-grabbers try to emphasize that, if we are armed, we can still get shot in a mugging, never minding that our innocent lives are worth fighting for, even if we fail.  Friends and family will sometimes think me insane for wanting to pursue certain dreams--and they may be right, I may end up poor when I die.  Even my own mind has little "voices" of doubt, trying to convince me that my dreams aren't worthwhile, and that I should stick with safety instead of liberty.

And yes, while some of these voices are sometimes right--I shouldn't become a freelance mathematician, for example, without having at least some inkling of how I'll make a living--overall, we need to have glorious, righteous goals to reach--and overall, if we fail to reach those goals, we do so in glory!  And it is up to us to pick ourselves up, and start again.

It's also important to remember that we only get glory--whether we succeed or fail--if our cause is truly right.  History is littered with people who had ambitious goals, but will be remembered in infamy rather than in glory.

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