Monday, September 13, 2010

Little time for me to remember

On Saturday, I would have liked to put up a nice video, and perhaps share an anecdote or two, about the day we shouldn't forget...but I haven't had the time, and I didn't have access to a computer at the time, either.  Instead, we rented a truck, filled it with almost all our furniture, and a lot of boxes, and moved them to our new place.  In the next couple of days, we'll be boxing up loose ends, and cleaning up our old place.

I will say this, though.  I remember tutoring someone who had a hard time concentrating, after 9-11.  She explained that her sister was on the flight to Boston--one of the planes that hit the towers.

So, to those 9-11 "Truthers" who claim that the Government flew military planes without windows into the towers:  what did the Government do to those who were "supposed" to be on those flights?  Did the Government silently execute them?

I shouldn't egg anyone on.  Although I dislike what our Government has become over the last few decades, I sincerely doubt anyone in that Government would have developed such a plot, just to grab more power.  (And that's yet another subject that has such potential...)

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  1. Hell, even if we grant that people might develop such a plot, there's the problem of getting enough other people to go along with it and never talk - despite the huge incentives to defect.

    (I mean, imagine what would have happened, in this alternate universe, if one of the Lt. Colonels who would necessarily have been involved in such a plot had come forward in 2003 to spill the beans for some Democrats in Congress?

    He'd have been lauded as a hero [because in his narrative, naturally, he'd have been "deceived" or "under duress", and now coming forward to reveal the Real Criminals], made a fortune on book rights, and handed the country over to the Democrats for the next 50 years - a great incentive for them to ferret such a person out.

    Instead, we've had complete and utter silence from the notional conspirators, despite the difficulty of keeping anything that large secret even when there are no such incentives present, and those involved can keep the secret with pride rather than shame!)

    And then there's the second problem of Ockham's razor; it's a much more complex, convoluted, and entity-multiplying solution than the "official story" ... and it involves supernatural competence rather than normal muddling along combined with a little luck on the part of the bad guys.

    Experience shows us that no institution is supernaturally competent, and that the State does a lot more muddling along than anything else (such as the long history of CIA screwups...).

    People. Can't get 'em to see reason, can't legally bury 'em alive.