Friday, September 24, 2010

We're moved out...and now we're settling in

Last Friday, I took some time off to mow the lawn of our old place, do a little bit of cleaning, and turn in the keys.  We're officially moved out!  And I'm a little sad, because we liked the place a lot, we grew somewhat close to the local congregation of our church (despite being there only two months), and it was a convenient distance from where I work.

Oh, and I forgot to snag a couple of apples from the apple tree in the back yard before we moved.  (I could always sneak back, but at this point, it would feel a little like tresspassing.)

This last week we've been settling in:  since our new place is smaller than our previous place, we can't continue to hang our clothes out to dry, and with winter approaching, we won't be able to put things outside either; thus, we had to find a stackable washer and dryer (so we'd have room for our washing machine).  This week, we had to figure out how to install the darn things.  (For a little while, we had to wonder how to convert our new washing machine from 220v to 110v--until my wife discovered we could plug it into the dryer.)

In the meantime, my wife has been unpacking and/or shifting boxes and furniture.  We're gradually claiming more space...and freeing up some breathing room!

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